Lee Valley "seconds" sale

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Not sure if it's a glitch but when I go to check out I get the following.  So maybe for certain items you have to be local to get it. 

The following item(s) are not available for shipment to the location on the order.
CM290P, DX60 Block Plane, PM-V11 – Manufacturing Second
To proceed to checkout, choose one of the following options:
1) Move the item to your Purchase Later List
2) Change your preferred shipping method


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I didn't really find anything that I wanted on there. 100% my opinion but i don't really care for LV hand planes. I strongly dislike the Norris style adjuster. I was tempted to grab a PMV-11 Chisel but decided against it. Also hesitated on the dovetail and tenon saw but i have the dovetail saw and don't use it freequently.

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1 minute ago, Chestnut said:

That's an awesome discount! Nice work!

Last November? when they had their gift cards on sale there was a website glitch as well. Anyway, because of that, I ended up with 2 (limit is supposed to be 1) of the $1000 give cards for $850 each. Darn.

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I quit dealing with those type sales. When Baer supply offered Bessey k body clamps for 50% off back in the day I called each day to see if they came in and the day they came in I called  when they had opened and said they had all been sold. I was going to buy $2000  worth. I ended up buyin several at Sears when they were discontinuing them and eventually took all but 4 back. Found out after I bought them I really didn't like them.  

Unless you have actually used something, don't buy into reviews....

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