Bench dogs without the holes

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So I’ve used workbenches with dog holes and holdfasts and I love it. However when I built my roubo bench I couldn’t bring myself to drill a bunch of holes in it as i figured I’d drop stuff through the holes all the time. 
is there any good solution to plugging those a holes but bring easy enough to pop in some holdfasts when I need to?


saw this design and thought it looked pretty good 



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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

@gee-dub, what sort of sheet stock is that bench made from? Looks like MDF face, but has plywood layers???

And I have to ask, do you just enjoy Altoids, or do the tins perform some heretofore unmentioned magical function in your shop?

Not to speak for Gee-Dub, but that looks like hardboard/masonite set into either a lamination of baltic birch sheets or 1" bb plywood.

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