6" overhang too much???


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A client of mine is asking for a Walnut table that is to be 32" x 65" and countertop height (36").  She wants an X-Leg design and an apron all the way around.  That's no big deal.  However, she also wants a 6" overhang all the way around from the table top edge to the apron, and she doesn't want the table top to be too thick.  I'd like to deliver a 3/4" or 1" thick top, but I'm concerned about the 6" overhang.  Is 6" too much, should I suggest less?

Thanks for any help.

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Is your concern about the 6” overhang on length of the table or the end? If it’s the end, then consider using breadboard ends. I think the thicker the top, the better. If she is concerned only about the edge profile looks,  then I would make it thicker and put a bevel on the bottom side along the perimeter.

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I don't think that a 6" overhang is too much with a 1" or even a 3/4" top, in terms of strength.

I'm wondering about the stability of the table.  At only 32" wide and a 6" overhang on both sides, the base is only going to be 20" wide (or maybe a little less because of the aprons).  That's probably okay if this is a hall table or sofa table, but if the client is planning to have people sitting at the table, I'd worry about it being prone to tipping.

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