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I believe one of the big Porter Cable ones was just discontinued. Outside of the big box stores and Rockler/Woodcraft have you looked on CPOoutlets, Acme Tools, Toolnut, etc? You may get lucky at a smaller woodworking retailer who has lower turnover.

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1 hour ago, Firehawk said:

Is anyone else finding a shortage of 3 hp routers? I just ordered a Jessem router table and lift and cannot find anyone that has a 3 hp Milwaukee or Porter Cable router that's in stock anywhere. Any leads are appreciated.

Check and see if the Triton is compatible.  There may be a Makita that will fit.

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2 hours ago, drzaius said:

Acme Tools has it in stock. Several outlets in Canada as well, if that's feasible.

Thanks, Trying Acme - unfortunately their website won't accept the order.  With a little luck I might be able to get them via phone!

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I have the Milwaukee 5625, which I bought to go in the router table. It's way nicer in the hand & smoother than my smaller & lighter PC router. In the router table it will take far bigger cuts without bogging down or doing that awful chattering thing that so many routers do when working too hard.

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