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I'm pretty sure the last username they selected for their profile is what appears in the heading of their posts, even if they used a different name when the post was made. Eric went by 'Kiki' for a while, but I don't think you will find that name on any of his posts. 


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I have said this before, but as a middle school teacher, I need to be careful how many places I show up in a Google search. I don’t want that here. PM and I will tell you anything you want to know. One forum update defaulted everyone to their email address several years ago. I think that is when Don became dwhacker. 

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I've used Bob Villa onother forum because I had trouble getting back on because of a email slip up. 

But the quickly fixed

Rebelwork or Rebelwork woodworking was my company name till I changed it to Jack Duren Cabinets.

BillyJack  because me and my brother Billy were students in karate and Kung fu amd I like Tom.

Bob Villa when necessary. ..

At one time in the 80's I had hats made up that said "WoodArt". But I saw in 90's it was used by Australian woodart... so I dropped it..

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