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Thank you all for the welcome. BillyJack, I frequent SMC, WoodWeb, and used to hand out at Woodnet until they "upgraded" something and I can no longer log in. Tried going through the registration process several times but never could get through.

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2 hours ago, Coop said:

Welcome Jon! What area of the country are located? 

Coop, I'm in SW Michigan, about halfway between Detroit and Chicago.   Seems like a friendly crowd here, again thanks everyone for the warm welcome. 

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8 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

Welcome! I've never been able to juggle more than 1 forum. If I tried I'd probably never get anything done.

Maybe that's my problem, Drew; I keep tabs open to about 10 forums and refresh frequently during the day.  I'm a mod on a woodworking forum, a router forum, and a CNC forum and a regular on others for Luthiers, woodworking, CAD/CAM, etc.

Yep, that's probably why I don't get much done! :D


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