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I don't think that'll be a good saw with a risere block personally. That style has been known to not be very stiff with risers and performs ok with out one. After adding the riser resaing thicker than 6" gets iffy for the saw so you don't gain a whole lot.

Price wise this saw has my attention.

It's resaw is 9" and with the welded steel frame it looks like it'd be stiffer and offer better performance.

General made good tools and was recently acquired and did a restructuring. I haven't seen them in person but i imagine that their quality is just as good as it was before. It looks like a clone of this guy

I was just bandsaw shopping and these were my conclusions. I just bought a 14/12 because the $200 difference gets me a much better band saw. It's a band saw with a MUCH stiffer frame better performance and resaw capabilities equal to the grizly with a riser block but the frame stiffness to be able to do it. Another option is the 14" jet at a similar price.


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I've had the GO555 for a long time and it's a great general purpose saw, especially for the price point.

I don't have the riser, but have heard that it causes problems when trying to tension the blade enough for resawing by flexing some. If you plan on doing a lot of resawing on taller pieces, I would look into the saws (like the General) that come already tall and made out of steel.

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The Harvey Ambassabor 14", while certainly a more expensive saw, is at sale price right now, and has an incredible feature set, even for the higher price point. It has a 3hp motor, though, so consider the available power supply.

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The main reasons I am looking at the Grizzly is, the price,  it fits the footprint of the one I am replacing and I can go pick it on Monday. The west coast Grizzly ware house in an hour from my house.

My old saw was a a Taiwan made Delco brand saw. I bought it about 10 years ago for $150 off Craig's List. It has given me nothing but headaches since I bought it....

As for re-sawing, I really don't do it often so I am not sure if I will ever add the riser bock. I just want a saw it has the option for the future if I need it.

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If cost is the issue what about the Rikon 10-3061? It's cheaper offers almost the same resaw capacity.... just a thought. It's all of $400

I get wanting to buy soemthing and it right away but why get something that is inferior. I just don't see that design improving on much. You aren't upgrading to a better quality level really and the design is the same old thing. You might be getting better guides but you can probably buy better guides and put them on your saw. Cater guides or who ever else makes guides are going to be better than what is on the grizzly anyway. Guides will also be the cheapest option.

What are you issues exactly if you don't mind me asking? Also how do you use the band saw primairly?

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2 hours ago, Chestnut said:

What are you issues exactly if you don't mind me asking? Also how do you use the band saw primairly?

Where to start....

Blade is an oddball size so I have to have them made.....

The guides are not aligned vertically....The top guide is almost touching on the left bearing and the bottom guide is almost touching on the right side. Does not leave much room for adjustment. I have spent many hours trying to fix this. I so better than when I bought it but I am out of adjustment room.

The table trunnions tilt will not stay tight. I have tried several fixes to no avail including nyloc-nuts.

The guide post is a d shape post. Every time you move it up or down it twist 2-3 degrees and I have it mess with it to get the guides realigned. 

Since I bought it I have replace the tensioning assembly, tires, trunnions and guides. All of these changes made it marginally better.

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I have the G0555X with the riser block and am very happy with it. When I bought mine there was a special where I got the 6” fence addition for free. To Drew’s point, 6” is about the widest board that I have resawed so I can’t attest to anything larger. But, with a 105” Wood Slicer blade it did wonderful. I use the tensioning guide mainly as a get me close, and feel, to get it right. And, have never broken a blade in the 4 years that I’ve had it! :D

And the dc on this machine is excellent! 

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