Painting an old frame


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Hi there!

I got a old frame. I’m trying to bring it back. I started to sand it and I discovered it was gold in the inner part. So:

1) I would love to restore it in the same way. Do you have any idea on how to do it? How to reproduce this reddish antique gold? 
2) There is still the black paint on the black dots. Any idea on how to remove it without damaging the little dots?

attached pictures of my work in progress. comments and suggestions on my whole job are more then appreciated too!






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Metal leaf is not difficult and would give a good result. It looks like there was also some gold over the red strip, sometimes a red base layer is used before applying gold leaf to give it a richer tone. You can buy gold leaf (real or imitation) in sheets or flakes. 

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Thank you so much  @wtnhighlander! As you noticed, I am a newbie so I really appreciate your help and your suggestions. I live in US now (sorry for my English!) and I will use the products you mentioned for cleaning the surface before sanding anymore. 
Still don’t know if I will do the golden part with leaves or paint. Need to compare and think about. 
Thank you again! 

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