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Upon closer inspection it does have a bar riding on the fence I missed that in the first pic. Still not something I would use and dang sure not on a SS but again to each their own 12%2F9&utm_content=&_rmId=ZobNddwOZ8fqQpAngbdWIMK9po27PvFWDM0qd85WI0Bp1

On a positive note its on sale. :)



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8 hours ago, Mark J said:

I totally don't understand the purpose of that holder.

Pretty sure that's to hold small pieces on a Router table.  Not sure why they're using it on a TS


Edit:  Didn't notice angles so maybe not.




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1 hour ago, Tpt life said:

Miter gauges cannot use the fence. Not sure how critical that is. Just answering your question. 

Yeah, but the fence isn't being used to cut a piece to a particular length.   So there's really no need for the fence.

All it seems to be doing is cutting it at an angle.   I'm just totally confused.


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