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I finally made a flat worksurface to work from using 25 mm moisture resistant MDF.

I was wondering if i could put anything on it that would make it easier to wipe off glue and help protect it a little more?

I am planning to add some dog holes so im thinking that would be better to do after a finish.

Any advice would be great


Many Thanks



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I use hardboard as the top layer on my assembly table.  I screw it down from the top so that it's easily replaceable when needed. Simply pull the old off and use it as a template for the new.  About 15 minutes to replace every few years or so.  I usually toss a coat of wipe on poly on it so that the glue pops off easily.

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Plastic laminate would make a surface that would make popping dried glue off easy peasy.  I've used it in a few places in my shop, when I buy it I go to  shop that installs plastic laminate I buy their remnants they usually have some good sized pieces when they do a kitchen or bathroom counter top job they have to buy large sheets cut them down to fit the countertops then they store the remnants and the place I get mine from is a flooring company who also installs laminate. The table in your picture would probably be a three piece job, I find doing the laminate work pretty easy I use contact cement they make 2 kinds water based and the stinky bad assed stuff that's what I use because that's what I've always used I've never used the water based the pros use the stinky stuff. If I was building a table that would be used for glue ups this is what I would do. But there a number of options all the comments above are cheaper and easier.

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