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NCIS is one of my favorite shows and I have always enjoyed Gibbs working on the boat in his basement. Even his father showed up and helped make wooden toys at Christmas one time. Did anyone catch last weeks show?

Gibbs, Tony and Ziva were in a warehouse of highly expensive items looking for something missing. They stumbled over an old writing desk of William Faulkner. Gibbs climbs under it and said, "Dovetail joints don't go with nails". This led him to finding a hidden compartment under the desk. I just thought it was pretty cool someone mentioning dovetail joints on a TV show.

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so how does he get those boats out of the basement? my wife and i watch that show on a daily basis just about and i always wonder that.

i wanna know the same thing. i remember one episode when Abby asked him how he got them out. I think he said, "Think about it Abby"

he must take it apart. he doesnt cut em up or anything cuz he sailed one.

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Did you catch last Tuesday nights show? The show closed out with Gibbs in the basement doing some wood carving.

It's one of my favorite shows, too. I love that Gibbs seems to really know what he's doing when he has a tool in his hand. Also, big fan of Ziva. My wife loves the clothes they pick for her to wear. I like Abby, too..but she would scare me. lol

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My father in law watches that show religiously. I don't catch the current ones as often...

I do remember hearing one episode where the character Gibbs discussed that he was on the fourth boat, having gotten rid of the other three, and never sailed on them or let anybody else use them, so I imagine he was alluding to cutting them up instead of simply taking them apart.

But I do appreciate the little comments about woodworking thrown in when they are doing a shot in the basement. Like his comment to the kid to go with the grain (second season?), or the look Gibbs gives Abby when she "drunkenly" whacks off a chunk of the rib from the boat.

I'm curious to know what they do with the boats once they are done filming. Do they take it apart to use for the next one, or sell it, or give it away? The boats all seem to be the same design, so it's a little easier to "bounce" in the episodes on air rotation.

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For the past several episodes Gibbs has been wood carving in his basement but it never really showed you what he was doing. At the end of the season finale last night they buried his friend Mike Franks. It was a wooden coffin with all the carvings that Gibbs had been working on. I don't know if he made theentire coffin or not or just the trim work. Really cool.

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