DIY or Buy? Anybody on here ever built their own CNC machine for woodworking?


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I want to a powerful and supremely accurate CNC machine. I've always looked at the X-Carve, because it was the first CNC machine that I know of that "made it to market" for the average guy. Their marketing cut through all the noise, to the point that the X-Carve is pretty much the only name brand I can think of when it comes to woodworking CNC machines. When I watch all my favorite YouTubers though, most of them built their own CNC machines. I've been doing some Google searching, and I've found several "DIY CNC machine" resources, but... they all seem to be connected, in some form or fashion, to some kind of business that wants to sell you CNC machines, parts, or kits. I guess that's fine. I certainly don't fault someone for wanting to put together a "product' to help them turn their nerdy hobby into some income.

For me, the total n00bie, though... it makes it a little challenging to sift through what's solid trustworthy information and what's, "Buy my kit," information. This WoodTalk Forum has always been a tremendous help to me for woodworking questions, so I thought I'd ask you guys, if any one of you might know of a solid DIY CNC Machine forum where I can go ask all my silly n00bie questions about CNC machine design?

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I’ll follow this thread. I don’t really see the benefit to building one from scratch unless you will get enjoyment from the process. If that’s the case, then go for it! 
My assumption is that you will save some cash in the cost of the setup, but may end up spending a bunch of time getting it up and running, troubleshooting, and testing to ensure the precision and accuracy. I’d much rather spend a little bit more to get something that works out of the box (mostly at least) and has support if anything ever goes wrong. Maybe someone will show that my assumption is wrong. 

Some other companies to consider-

Powermatic, Felder, Avid CNC, NextWave Shark/Piranha, Laguna, and I’m sure there are several more.


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There are a few CNC enthusiasts here that can offer solid advice. I can offer that Frank Howarth's monster machine (IIRC) was a partnership with, now known as Avid CNC. I would talk to them about building a custom machine, if that is what you want. They should be able to provide any parts necessary, as well as design advice and support. CNC is a mature technology, so there are lots of DIY resources, but if you want the machine for actual production, I would go with a company that can support it after the sale, rather than building from scratch. Unless THAT build is what you want for a hobby...

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