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If you look closely there are a lot of cracks in the figure. If I buy iy I will rip 5" of the figure. It is 2" thick and I will make 2 matched panels. The question is will it look good if I filled the cracks? And if so what to use to fill. I need to make a decision soon. I have not bought it yet. 


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I don't think I'd buy that, unless it was a cheap price. I know you could use epoxy to fill the cracks but that will affect the look to some degree. Also you might have even more issue inside that piece once you resaw. I do think you can get a pretty decent board off the right side of the piece, but then you are avoiding a lot of the figure that you may be looking for.

Wood with figure like that is always a challenge. The figure represents swirled irregular grain. That means you have some end grain on the surface of the board and that end grain acts like the end grain at the end of a board. It dries more rapidly than the long grain mixed in with it. I've had so many gorgeous crotch pieces crack and check like that. I've learned the best thing to do is apply anchorseal to those figured areas as soon as those pieces are milled. That has helped some. 

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All depends on the intended use. If you plan to make a bookmatched panel to go into a piece of furniture, its looks risky, and some epoxy will certainly be needed. But you could sure cut sime nice charcuterie boards out if it!

IMO, clear epoxy looks best in small voids, or mix in some sanding dust from the same board for larger voids. If you want to fill in a bark inclusion, coffee grounds look very natural in clear epoxy.

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You both have captured my thoughts and concerns. I have pictures of the other side that looks good. But I don't know how deep that goes. It is a reasonable price but it could be money down a rabbit hole if it fails. I will continue looking for the right piece of meat! Thanks for the confirmation!

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