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Hey Guys!   Long time no see!

I'm designing out a desk for my computer and 3d printers and such.  I plan on making it a large L shaped desk to go in a corner.  The whole thing will be knockdown style, where the two end cabinets and the desk surface will be able to be disassembled and moved if needed.   The desktop will be cut into two large panels, joined at a 45 in the corner.  What I'm looking for is some hardware that will bridge the gap and pull the two mitered faces together.    If I was gluing it up, I'd biscuit or loose tenon the thing, but since I want to be able to take it apart, biscuits probably wouldn't hold up loose over time, I don't have domino, and doing it manually on the edge of 3/4 ply isn't very appealing to me. 

So, I would like some hardware, under mounting might be preferred, that will pull the desktop in tight to the 90 I originally cut it at.  The cabinets and the back leg will be attached by some runner near the floor, but it won't be strong enough to guarantee perfect placement until the desktop is in place. 

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@Marmotjr, that was a heck of a long hibernation!  Good to see you back.  

I know there are latches used under dining tables to pull the leaves together and these are my first thought.  

You'd still need some kind of pin or bar to align the the two desk sections.  My thought would be to do something on the underside of the desk rather than try to work on the edge.

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Woodcraft sells a similar connector that is intended to connect the two pieces through a routed channel rather than a drilled hole:

Wood River joint connector

The advantage is that you can completely disconnect the two pieces of the top without moving it at all.  Of course, if you use dowel pins for alignment, you'll have to move the top away from the corner a little bit to separate the two, anyway.

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