Glue line visible on edge glue-up


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12 minutes ago, Coop said:

While on the subject, am I correct in assuming that the out feed bed should be the same height as the blades? And that the in feed bed controls the depth of cut per pass? 

Thanks Coop, Ill call them and see if they can help me any. I believe that yes, the outfeed should be same height as the blades, and the infeed is lower, so the blades remove the material, and the new edge references off the outfeed side. 

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31 minutes ago, Mark J said:

Have you checked your beds for flattness? 

The outfeed table has a low spot right in the middle. According to the dial indicator which was referencing off the infeed side. The table comes out of the low spot about 3/4 the way to the end and holds until the last couple inches of the table, then the table seems to rise up hard right at the last inch or two. So Im not left with the great impression that this table is completely flat. Is it close enough? Its going to have to be. I did call Jet this morning for some assistance... Ill update that when I have more time to work with what the guy told me to do.

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