Scott Lewis Cutting Board

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4 minutes ago, Coop said:

I see no burn marks on the finger grips and that was my biggest problem. How did you accomplish your clean cuts? 

Maple and cherry are definitely burn hazards when machining.  I run the bit slow (WAG about 18k RPM?) and make my feed rate as fast as I can while doing the operation safely. 

I use a temporary fence shaped with the same arc as the ends of the board.  The fence also has start and finish position 'stops' (pieces of wood clamped in position).  I practice the operation a few times before the actual run; corner of the board on the right hand stop, rock into the bit and move to the left, hit the left stop and rock away from the bit.  Using the fence to control the depth I do this in four cuts, the last cut being only about 1/32" in depth.

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It looks to be a Cove bit but if so, he would have to flip the board and run it thru for the opposite profile. I have used a Core Box bit with the board on it’s end with a substantial amount of burn and sanding. Looking forward to your answer as well. 

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