I love the smell of dovetails in the mornings!

B. Brinkley

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25 minutes ago, derekcohen said:

Did they fit? :)

Regards from Perth


Yeah they all fit pretty good. I'm using some antique long-leaf pine so some boards are softer than others. My chisels were getting a bit dull towards the end as seen by the crushed fibers. I did a total of 4 drawers with full dovetails in the rear, and half blinds on the drawer fronts.


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I bet the term toasty warm is relative! My central heat in the house couldn’t keep us warm with an outside temp of 9*! We would have to add a super charger! On a more serious note, just out of curiosity, are your outside walls 2x6’s to allow for more insulation? 

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All of us living in Florida get acclimated to warmer weather. So in the winter it can get in the 40's easily and some years on a rare occasion it hits high 20's. No heat in my shop so I wait until the upper 50's. Tuesday and Wednesday will have above normal temps highs in the mid 80's. Normal for now is excellent weather. Highs in the upper 70's and lows in the mid 60's. I always take a very early walk and meet the lows of the day. Don't laugh but when I see numbers at that hour in the low 50's wind chill or lower, I put on my ll bean long johns and a wool stocking hat. By 9 they are no longer needed. Many but not all have a more comfortable summer. Here it is hot and humid. But the early morning walk continues. I have seen lows in the summer in the low 80's. But usually a little cooler at that time.

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