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2 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Nice work, @woodbutcher! Did you have trouble with the ink rubbing off onto anything that happened to be near? I tried that once, and found it to be a terrible mess. Sure looks good, once it is top-coated, though.

Thank you! No, no trouble at all. The ink dries quite fast I found, and once it did, only a little dry dust would wipe off. Quick wipe with a paper towel to pick that up, and once a clear coat is on it, its sealed. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try it out. Its dangerous when applying it though. Any drips will permanently stain anything it gets on. Including your fingers, it stays with you a few days.

Heres a link to the ink i used. Japanese Sumi Ink Chinese Brush Calligraphy Ink Painting Drawing Works India Ink Made in Japan, Black: Office Products


2 hours ago, Coop said:

That is Fine! I can’t imagine paint looking anywhere near as good. Well worth your troubles and easy for me to say! 

WB, what genre vinyls do you collect? 

Thanks Coop, mostly classic rock. The Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Boston to name just a few. I have a few new vinyls, not really into that much anymore, theyre expensive (and frankly, not as cool as original pressings).

1 hour ago, treeslayer said:

Great job @woodbutcher really like the lights, hope to do something similar this summer my old turntable has had a long enough rest 

Thanks treeslayer, yes ive added LED strips to other things around my house, im quite into it. 

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On 1/31/2021 at 1:22 PM, rodger. said:

@woodbutcherNice clean work! I love "old school" audio gear.

I have been kicking an audio storage idea around in my head for a few years now, but have not sat down to design it.

Thanks rodger, the turntable is my Dads Pioneer PL-518 that he bought new back in 1978. He still had it but hadnt used it in many years. He was very happy that I could use it.

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On 1/31/2021 at 6:48 PM, Coop said:

@woodbutcher  being nosy and curious, what do you keep in the small wall mounted cabinet to the right of this cabinet?

I actually dont keep anything in it lol. Purely a decorative piece. I actually did a build journal for that cabinet a couple three years ago if you wish to check it out.


The Pekovich Cabinet - Project Journals - Wood Talk Online

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