Flex Arm Magnetic LED Work Light

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All I am in the market for some flex arm magnetic led work lights for my mortiser, bandsaws, drill press, etc. I am seeing them out there from $10 to $70 anyone have experience or better yet suggestions?


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I made several of these using an Ikea lamp.  I use 3 or 4 at a time at the lathe for multi-directional lighting.  Unfortunately Ikea discontinued these, but they may be available on Amazon.  


I went through several versions before settling on this.  Quick tips if interested.  Remove the bottom rubber jaw pad.  Screw cup magnets through the lower jaw into a bit of plywood.  Place a loose piece of wood in the jaws to direct the goose neck up rather than forward.  You can still use as clamp.  With good magnets it holds well to a vertical surface. 


My friend made this fixture from a HF magnetic base and another now discontinued Ikea lamp.  His has a much longer goose neck.



On the store bought front I got these from Woodcraft (on sale about $20-25 each). 


They are good, but I find the Ikea lamps provide a more uniform flood pattern and a more pleasing color temp.  (I hate blue LED lights--makes me feel like I need to put on a hat and scarf).


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