Drawer knob positioning

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I am assembling 4 drawers for a project and I'm at the stage to drill for the knobs. I am using standard cabinet knobs held in place by a single screw through the drawer front. Two of the drawers are 16 inches wide and are of traditional construction with a full inset into the frame. They are solid wood (pine) with solid wood bottoms so they are medium weight. They slide nicely into the carcass now.

With all of that being said, is their a standard in furniture design that determines if I should use two knobs or one knob? I like the idea of a single knob, but I wonder if it will be a problem down the road after a few years of slop and wear and tear on the drawer slides and possible racking and binding in the frame?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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44 minutes ago, treeslayer said:

Yep, I would use one knob, where’s the pictures ?

I get y'all some pictures as soon as I get them glued up. Right now it's just a stack of pieces for each drawer.

I think that I agree about the single knob. Looks cleaner on this design.

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In my kitchen, I have a drawer which is over 30" wide, with a single handle in the middle (not a pull).

In some way, having 2, if you pull on only one, it is more likely to go sideway when you are pulling on it, and getting jam. 

I have used only one in the past.

I have put 2 knobs, on 'massive' drawer, over 30" and very deep. A single one, would have been lost in the middle.

Double sided tape on the know, do a visual test. It is something easy to try and see (without having to redo the part).


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