MCM TV Console

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12 hours ago, treeslayer said:

Well done Drew, a great looking piece, while MCM isn’t really to my taste I can appreciate a well done piece and this is a great example of the style, I really like the clean lines of it, well done sir !

Thanks. I know exactly what you mean. I'll be honest while I like the style this piece wasn't the most exciting to build. It was a pretty simple box with doors. The base was the most fun but it was over quite fast.

35 minutes ago, Bmac said:

Very nice MCM piece, like the leg design also. 

Had to chuckle about the change of heart with your new bride wanting maple used now. I think in the past I've heard you have some distaste, or at least a lack of love for it. Good news for you with your mill it's probably easier to nab some silver maple logs where you live.

I'm so fortunate with my wife, I make what I want and she loves it, very few requests. The biggest problem is talking her into throwing out or giving away old furniture to make room for the new stuff. She'll ask what are you going to put there instead, I tell her to trust me, and she usually does. 

I think I've been working with cherry and walnut so lone it's nice to have some maple in the mix now. I will say though I like the look i HATE working maple. Burn and tear out city. I normally use a smoothing plane to finish prep my pieces, for this i used a card scraper and sandpaper.

Megan does really well with trusting my ideas for the most part. She has input for functional aspects and sizes and gives me a style.

Old items that we no longer want luckily never hang around long. I"m the more sentimental of the two and I'm not very sentimental. I've moved enough recently in my life to know what dead weight is. I stumbled upon a youtube video that discussed this topic. They suggested taking pictures of the items that you love but just don't have the room for. Thinking back, I'm highly likely to show someone a picture of something on my phone. When it's stored away in an attic I'm less likely to go retrieve it just to show someone during a conversation.

14 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

Maple is a bold choice for MCM designs that tend to lean heavily toward walnut. Awesome result! I like the added flair of the legs, too.

I thought the exact same thing. The pictures she found for design ideas were all painted white. So maple.

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On 2/6/2021 at 1:50 PM, Chestnut said:

They are speed holes. That door was closing kinda sluggish so I figured I'd lighten the outboard edge to get some extra snap..... There is no possible way I drilled the holse initially on the wrong side of the door. That kind of mistake would be something a rookie does.:D

I drilled the holes on the wrong side of the door initially.


In the "redesign opportunity" spirit, you could turn a couple of disks to fill the holes.

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4 hours ago, Mark J said:

There is no possible way I drilled the holse initially on the wrong side of the door.

When I did all those doors for the kitchen recently, I had so many notes and witness marks on each door to keep this from happening.  There was still a lot of pucker involved.

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