Dewalt DW735X Project

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2 minutes ago, treeslayer said:

Very nice, I have a Wixey on my 735 and wouldn’t be without it, also interested in the dust collection box and your results, nice to have someone else  do the R&D, I work in a one car garage that the car lives in and every inch counts 

I have about 2/3 of a 2 car garage. Every tool and cabinet in my garage is mobile...I am always looking for better ways to organize it.


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11 hours ago, rainjer said:

I have to wait until my wife finishes working tomorrow to do that. She work in the room above the garage.....

Just tell her you are providing white noise for her relaxation. ;)

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Thanks I guess I should have jacked with mine more than I did as I was always having to reset it or something and got tired of messing with it and gave it to a member here. 99% of the time, I’m really not concerned with the exact thickness, as long as all of the related boards are the same thickness. And I get this by planing them all at the same time. @Chet has a word for this but I can never remember it. Relative dimensioning or something similar. 

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After I warmed myself up went back out and worked on the outfeed side. Another hour or so tomorrow and I should be done with the the manufacturing part. The footprint before this mod was about 21" w X 24" D (not including the mobile base wheel). With the mod it is about 30" w X 24 D (not including the mobile base wheel).





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24 minutes ago, fcschoenthal said:

I'm trying to look closely at the infeed & outfeed tables to figure out how they adjust.

The black top float on 1/4-20 X 3-1/2" Hex Socket Cap Screws Bolts in the 4 corners of each table. They go thru a support that is attached to the lower table. The bolts are counter sunk with a flat washer under the head. The bolts are threaded into a t-nut on the bottom side of the top. Then the bolt go thru the support an is tread into a flat washer, 1" thumb nut, a star washer, at 1" thumb nut, and another flat washer. The support had a notch that is about 7/8" tall and 1" deep that captures this hardware. The bolt continue thru the rest of the support and out the bottom table. You adjust the height with the 2 thumb nuts and then you tighten them against the star washer to lock them in place. The base adjustment is about 1/4"-3/8" above the support. I can raise the table about 1" to 1-1/4" total. 




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I am calling this project done. I just need to seal the edges and dial in the adjustable tables. I have to do that tomorrow when my wife is not working in the room above me... I have have 72" of total bed. Looking forward to seeing if I can adjust the snipe out on the outfeed table.




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Today's 5 minute project. I added a magnetic ball mount to hold the outfeed table folded up for storage.  

You need:

2 or 3 - 0.26" ID flat washers
1 - nylon 1/4-20 nock nut.
liquid thread lock
1/4 drill bit & a drill
7/16" socket or wrench.
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