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Phoenix guy here (actually Chandler).

There is a great place in Mesa called Timber. They have all the normal stuff any good hardwood dealer has.

One thing to know is that no good hardwood grows in Arizona, so all the wood Timber has to offer has been imported from other states. What this means to you is that you will be paying a bit more for the basics than you would in other parts of the USA. Which makes sense, if they have to pay someone to truck the lumber in from the midwest then YOU have to pay someone to bring the lumber in from the midwest. It's the same with any lumber dealer in AZ.

Porter Barnwood is also another pretty good one.

Like the name implies they mostly deal in reclaimed barnwood but they also have normal hardwood like a normal hardwood dealer would have.

There is also Spellman ( I honestly don't know much about them I have just heard they are pretty good. Spellman is North Phoenix so they would be closest to Prescott.

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On 2/12/2021 at 7:17 PM, justaguy said:

Currently live in the PNW, and have two really good sources for any type of hardwood I want to build with.  We are considering moving to Prescott, AZ.  I am wondering what is available in the area.  I would consider Phoenix as very reachable

any info would be appreciated

I lived in Prescott from 2005 to 2007. Moving from the Pacific Northwest to Prescott will be a huge contrast in climate/culture. (But that's ok, I moved from Hawaii to Prescott to Florida!)

First, get used to saying "Preskitt," not "Prescott." Every time you say it wrong a "local" will correct you! But after a while you'll convert and start correcting other newcomers.

Unless you have the remarkable good luck to arrive after a rare spring storm, and the desert wildflowers are blooming (which is absolutely gorgeous) the 100 mile drive from Phoenix, 5000 ft in elevation up to Prescott is dry, brown, unremarkable and not very pretty until you get through Prescott Valley and into Prescott itself. In a matter of a few hundred highway yards it becomes woodsy, green and just beautiful. Picture postcard beautiful. At times breath-taking.

Winter snowfalls are gorgeous during the storms. And when the sun comes out the next day, you will swear that God created the place exclusively for photographers to capture winter snow scenes and Christmas cards. Few other places compare. Like a designer painstakingly planned each view. No mater what direction you turn, each snowscape will be more beautiful than the previous.

Be sure to visit the Palace Saloon on Whiskey Row. It's the real deal from a time when real cowboys hung out there. It's swinging "cafe doors" and interior are original and appeared in countless cowboy movies of the 30s and 40s. The Granite Dells area is where all the outdoor scenes of many cowboy movies were filmed.

It gets cold in winter but there's lots of sunshine. It's quite nice. In summer, it's always about 20-25 degrees cooler than Phoenix. When it's 100 degrees in Prescott (often), keep in mind that your neighbors are experiencing 120-125 and it doesn't "cool down" there to about 100 until midnight! Swimming pools there need to have refrigerated systems! ("But it's a dry heat." Yeah, right!)

Oh, yeah - wood sources. Not much in Prescott. Lots in Phoenix. That 100 mile drive is awful down Highway 17. Worst highway I've ever driven. Each direction is two lanes winding through the mountains with many descending curves inexplicably banked the wrong way. Arizona drivers are insane. Lane changing at 100 MPH around the most treacherous curves without hesitation. Heaven forbid you get in front of a pickup truck. Or an eighteen-wheeler that thinks you're going too slowly. And 75 is too slow for any of them. The larger the pickup, the worse the offender. Get used to having white knuckles holding onto your steering wheel.

Have fun!


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