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11 minutes ago, Coop said:

Dave, hold my hand just a little longer! :D

Is the longer piece 3/4” thick? 

Probably closer to 7/8” Coop, thanks for the compliment, I do like to build them, I should have sent you the patterns I use with them but I’ve seen your talent and I’m sure you can figure it out, great gifts, quick build, not much wood all a plus in my book, glad Sharon likes them !

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3 hours ago, legenddc said:

@treeslayer Love this project. About how thick would you guess the spatula-type part is? I glued up a few blanks the other night. Hoping I can get 3 good ones out of them before Mother's Day.

I try to keep them about 1/4” thick off the bandsaw so they end up a little less than that, width is 1 3/4” for the wide ones I make and 1 1/2” for the narrow ones but that depends on the wood I’m using, would love to see some pictures of yours when they are done. 

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Thanks. Here’s my first attempt with some mineral spirits thrown on. I mistakenly cut the front of the handle when I meant to cut the back. Not done sanding it yet, it feels pretty good in your hand despite it looking like a lumpy potato. 

Looking back at yours it seems you bring the handle it quite a bit more and curve it a lot nicer. Perhaps that's makes it look longer. I'll try to salvage this one a little more but I do have 6 more blanks left.



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48 minutes ago, legenddc said:

These made my wife a very happy mother this morning.

well that's our goal isn't it, to make our wives happy and its a great goal ! those came out great. my wife has a favorite thing that i made for her and its not the one i would have picked as the best thing but she's happy with all the things I've made for her over the last 45 years so i can't complain 

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