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Great project. I really like that texture for the lid. So were you doing that freehand? Was it your idea or did you see it somewhere. It's very interesting looking.

So how long until you get back to a permanent shop?

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I saw that treatment on the panels of some bypass doors on a mid century modern piece somewhere years ago. I use the square base on the cold and ride it against a guide. I then add a thickness of scrap wood that offsets that cut and continue that with random thicknesses to create the random pattern.

They’re going to pour the concrete tomorrow.


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That handle is an awesome addition to the box. Was there a determining factor at the angle used for the front knobs? Chain stops are meh i agree but they are better than no stop at all.

1 hour ago, gee-dub said:

Didn't want to be that guy.

Yeah don't be that guy unless you are getting paid to be that guy. PM for hourly rates if you want me to be that guy... i have 9 years professional experience. :D

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Thanks guys.  The pull orientation is whatever feels right.  I've done similar things before.


When I started doing Greene and Greene stuff a lot of the pulls are made as opposed to bought.  My twisted character enjoys that sort of thing and it spilled over into my boxes.

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