What is your epoxy of choice?


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So I finally ran out of my 1 gallon west systems and was initially going to order another gallon but thought I'd ask opinions here first.  I've only used west systems so have no basis of comparison.  Just saw Cremona's vid and notice he uses Total boat and see that it's alot less expensive than west systems.  What have you guys used and which ones do you like?


BTW I'll primarily be using it for glue joints and filling small voids not large epoxy fills.


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Price looks the same to me. Honestly I'll  just stick with what I have. After getting the filler, pumps, and different hardeners it'll hard to switch away from west system. Edit* Ok with 15% off code that he has in the video that is more attractive.... DO IT! I linked the 2:1 clear kit. I prefer the clear systems as i do more knot filling than anything. I also plan on doing a cedar strip canoe in the near future.

I think total boat is a good system. The only thing I remember is their pumps don't meter accurately so you have to mix based off of weight or measuring cup. I found this to be inconvenient compared to West systems pumps being metered. I could be wrong on this as my research was 7-8 years ago. Edit* this must have changed as total boat now has metering pumps.

This site below has a lot of good information on epoxy. It's centered around epoxy for fiber glassing but still has good information, notably that the less hardener to resin ratio the more durable the epoxy appears to be.



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