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15 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

I like that clamp rack solution!

The rack are 24-1/2" long. I used 22" the slides I had. Getting the last couple clamps out is a little challenging. I really would prefer 24" slide but they are expensive.

I am also going to put a taller piece of plywood behind it so I can make a spot for my spring clamps to be stored. 

Today was proof of concept. I sill need to do the other end where my longer clamps are. 



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On the other end you could use 22” slides and mount a piece of 3/4” ply to them. Then mount 22” slides to the other side of the ply with a second piece of ply for the clamps. Kind of like full extension slides. That’s still a neat idea you have to make use of wasted space! 

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I just order new casters and adjustable feet for the benches. With these casters I will have to will have to unlatch it to move it since It lifts the the bench. I don't thing I can operate 4 caster on each end simultaneously....



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