A versatile and precise miter sled

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My old sleds did not fit on new table saw, so I gave my old sleds to the guy who bought the old saw, and set out to make new sleds.   Did some research on best practices in table saw sled construction, and found some great ideas that were new to me, and also came up with some ideas of my own.   But I did not find an instruction that pulled together all the great ideas.  Therefore made this video showing how to make a versatile and precise miter sled.   https://youtu.be/yJbVyA8rqYA

Some ideas incorporated in this design are:

1. Used a single UHMW runner.  Found this to be just as good as the two runner sleds that I have always made.   An advantage of a single runner is that changes in humidity that affect the dimension of the base will not cause the runners to bind in slots.    A single runner does require a snug fit in the mitre slot.   

2. Make a perfect right angle triangle of MDF, to be glued to the base, and then use that as a guide to set the fences perfectly.  Orient the MDF triangle for perfect 45 degree cuts using a new method shown in the video.

3. Threaded inserts in the miter fences, allow auxiliary fences to be bolted on.  Long auxiliary fences for long pieces, and special auxiliary fences for making precise picture frames without measuring.


1. Perfect Triangle.jpeg

2. Miter Sled.jpeg

3. Long Fences.jpeg

4. Picture Frame Fences 16-9.jpeg

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