How to thin dried poly + stain

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Im working on my first refinishing project and made a very dumb mistake. I’m used to painting old furniture, not staining. I am refinishing a very solid kitchen table and applied Varathane Poly + Stain and didn’t wipe the excess. Just brushed it on. 
I know... So now the poly + stain is dried and very thick. I can see wood grain in some places but not overall. It looks like paint at this point. 
What can I use to thin it out but not strip completely? 
I tried mineral spirits but I think because there is poly in the mixture, it’s not working... 

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't poly+stain a tinted polyurethane? If so, then it shouldn't be wiped off. Tinted finishes should be applied in several light, even coats in order to minimize variations in color depth. I agree that a card scraper would work best on a finish that isn't fully cured.

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The instructions on Varthane "Poly+Stain" readily available at Lowes/Home Depot does not instruct you to wipe off the excess, as @drzaius suggested.


...Apply using a good quality,
natural bristle brush or applicator, brush in the direction of the
grain until a uniform film has been achieved. To prevent brush
marks, avoid excessive brushing. Additional coats can be
applied with one hour dry time between coats. Lightly sand
between coats with #320 grit sandpaper. Remove all sanding
dust before applying additional coats.

If you used a different product, check what it says on the can. It does specify mineral spirits or paint thinner for cleanup, so if that does not remove it then you are stuck with scraping/sanding.

It is possible that you applied too much. Pictures would be helpful.

I will also point out another section on the label...


Testing Color

Be sure to test Varathane One-Step Stain & Polyurethane to
verify the desired color. To test, apply in an inconspicuous area.

It is important to always create a sample piece when you are using a finishing product or technique that is new to you. In cases where you do not have extra pieces of the same wood, test it in an inconspicuous area. Don't give up, many people learn this lesson the hard way.

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