Which osmo on walnut butcherblock

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I had European walnut butcher block installed 10 months ago and they only used a single coat of osmo top oil wiped on.needless to say it’s really wearing in some places.

im not sure what to do now as I’ve heard osmo top oil might not penetrate walnut well. I’ve been told by some to just lightly sand and add a couple more coats of top oil. Ive also been told to use the top oil with a slurry technique, sanding it in. I’ve also been told to switch to polyx or extra thin wood wax finish. 
many advice? I’m a novice in all this and don’t want to mess it up too much 

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These would be good questions to run past Osmo, if you can find a customer service number or address.  I don't have experience with the particular problem you describe, but my knee jerk response would be to apply a refresh coat of Top Oil.  I don't see that making matters worse.  

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