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On 9/27/2021 at 8:32 PM, Chet said:

I made a cabinet to go under the left side of the saw and made it to fit with in the legs, I never thought of making in bigger and letting it support the extension.  Good idea.

Is that a mobil base under the saw or just a base to raise the height of the saw?

It is just a riser.  I use the tablesaw for a lot of joinery and the stock SS height was a bit low for that work.  The table top is about 36" as it now stands.

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On 9/28/2021 at 5:27 PM, wtnhighlander said:

Glenn, are those just elevator bolts in a T nut for adjustment?

Yes.  My typical build for elevator bolts is to recess the t-nut a bit with a Forstner bit, drill a short clearance hole to snug fit the t-nut body and drill the bolt shaft hole so that the threads cut into the wood so there is no slop.  I have elevator bolts done this way that have been in service as machine base feet for many years.  Out of habit I did these 3/8" elevator bolts the same way.

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Bumped the router table port to 6".  Had to go gorilla with a recip-saw from the motor cavity; not pretty but appropriately sized.


The PRL is impatient to get back into the table.


This is a duplicate of the milling area vertical floor anchor.  This vertical will serve the upper and lower tablesaw, router table plus a gated spare port for ad hoc use.

New Shop (433).jpg

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Glenn, maybe I missed it, but what DC unit are you installing? Seems like a pretty big unit is needed to develop any static pressure in a 6" pipe. That's the weak point of my little unit. Flow is good through a big pipe, but no pressure to draw in through the smaller openings around the blades / cutters on my tools.

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On 9/30/2021 at 6:24 PM, Robby W said:

Trouble is my paper and and pencil get wet when I try to write the solutions down...

So true. Maybe Robin Lee will come up with the Veritas shower writing board or pad. 

Any SCUBA shop will have you covered :D.

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On 9/30/2021 at 6:46 PM, Coop said:

Can’t tell you how many times I have gotten out of bed to jot down notes on a sticky pad and placed near the coffee pot. Especially prior to retirement.

There's a sticky note on my keyboard right now reminding me to frame out the exhaust area of the DC shed.  It is common for me to put Post-Its on projects prior to quitting for the day so I don't forget where I was when I start again in the morning.  Pathetic but a reality :D

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I don't write notes, but I come up with some of my best solutions about how to do something in my sleep.  I know not to worry over such, and that I will wake up tomorrow with the answer.  I do a fair amount of walking away early, some days.

When I used to have helpers working with me, they knew what the deal was when I said, "Put the tools up, and let's go home".  It would always come easier the next day.

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Exhaust roughed in.  Once I am satisfied the insulation, wallboard and overhead support will go in.



I have an adjustable elbow that goes on the outside that I will experiment with.  I will also add something to keep the bats and birds from nestling down only to be blasted to the next county when the DC fires up ;-)

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This particular table needed to be mobile and also required some height adjustment capability.  It didn't need 'on the fly' adjustability but I did want it to have a decent range since things change.  You can see the threaded shafts in the first picture in the preceding post.  These are carriage bolts.  The "legs" of the top have counterbores and through holes to accept the shafts and nuts.


These allow for a range of travel.  Shims can be placed between the top/leg assembly and the top of the drawer box/bolts. The top is then tightened down at the shimmed height via the knobs. 

In this picture from the old shop there are no shims:


In the new shop I inserted a 1/4" shim.


This has been a good solution for a surface where I need occasional adjustment and mobility.  It would not work well for frequent height changes.



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