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Thanks all!

@pkinnebI can do better than that.  Here's a link to the thread on a variation that I built for large or odd clamps.  The originals are shown as well.  There should be a SketchUp screen capture in there with dimensions.  The arm spacing and length will vary with your clamps.  I make mine so that they hold 90% of my clamp types.  I'll see if I posted the original build here . . .

Nope.  Let me know if you need more info.  Basically a 3/4" oak dowel acts as dowel nuts.  A pilot hole is drilled and a long, high quality, wood screw is driven in.  A second slightly shorter wood screw is piloted and screwed about 1-1/2" below the first to prevent twisting.



Double head nails are cut short and inserted to keep things from lifting off the cleat.  Unnecessary most places by I live in earthquake country.


These have been holding heavy, heavy clamp loads for years of dynamic use without failure so I feel pretty confident about them.  The modified version (three arms versus three pairs of arms) is for large head or wide bar clamps that do not fit the standard 3-pair of arms version.  Their value will depend on your arsenal.  Easily modified.  The thing that pays off for me is a pretty standard width and height so things interchange nicely.

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Son in law and his brother came by and moved a couple of large metal cabinets for me. This one is an IBM mainframe tape reel storage cabinet.
Notice the family resemblance?
It now serves a higher purpose.
On to cabinet number two . . .

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On 10/9/2021 at 12:34 PM, gee-dub said:

This one is an IBM mainframe tape reel storage cabinet.

Half the members here probably don't know why a mainframe computer needed "tape" on a reel.^_^

Just the color of blue would almost give away the origins of the cabinet.

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On 10/9/2021 at 3:37 PM, Chet said:

Half the members here probably don't know why a mainframe computer needed "tape" on a reel

Probably from old fashioned IT guys but the company I currently work for and the company I used to work for both still do daily server backups to tape. Mind you the tape drives and tape reels were a hair smaller, Ok like 10 fold smaller, but my point is tape is still used.

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Yeah, but on the mainframes referenced, tape was the primary storage, not inexpensive backup. I have worked with machines that used paper tape (linear version of punch cards) to load programs. Matter of fact, I've used punch cards, too. Even done some repairs on a punch card "writer" from IBM that was old enough that it used "multitransistor" modules, not integrated circuits.

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gee-dub, It appears that you are close to take on projects that your magnificent shop will produce. And you will be grinning a lot. Recently you indicated that you want to build 2 walnut bathrooms. Is that still high on your list? Or is there something else that has moved up the list?

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What are you using for a bag? It looks different from a trash bag I might find in a store.

I've always mentally pushed back on the bags as unnecessary but i am getting sick of having to empty out my dust can.

Oh also how does the bag impact the seal between the bin and the lid? I know from experience any air leaks there would dramatically increase the fines that get sent to the filter stack.

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