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13 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

@gee-dub, I wish I had thought of it...I have a 1960's era electrician's drill I could loan you. The gearbox is folded back on the motor so that with a typical spade or short auger bit, it still fits between studs so the holes are square-through.

Weighs about 40#, though! :o

Appreciate the offer.  Since that's just shy of 1/4 of my body weight I'm probably better off that you didn't think on it earlier :D:D:D

Getting waylaid today.  Tomorrow I will add some blocking for the drywall installation or run the wires for the 3-way and 4-way switching for the lights.  I have so much to do I can just go where the mood takes me for a while yet.

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It doesn't rain often around here but when it does odd things sprout up.

Final inspection complete.  The next phase begins: 2100

@wtnhighlander, Funny you should say that.  It rained (well, what we call rain anyway) the few days before the building was going up.  Despite repeated warnings about the electrical trench one guy pul

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