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It doesn't rain often around here but when it does odd things sprout up.

Final inspection complete.  The next phase begins: 2100

@wtnhighlander, Funny you should say that.  It rained (well, what we call rain anyway) the few days before the building was going up.  Despite repeated warnings about the electrical trench one guy pul

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@wtnhighlanderThis is encouraging.  I have heard varying reports but, of course, the units being reported on varied as well.  My unit is optimistically rated by the maker at 75db with no distance or other data given for this number.  I can tell you from running it in the old shop for years that the moving air noise does drown out the machine noise and 75db it ain't :rolleyes:.  In the spirit of "what happens if I do nothing" engineering I will try it piped straight first :)

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2 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Must be a LOT of those mini-splits being sold, for a third party to supply such an oddly specific accessory!

I'm pretty sure it is me that is odd ;-)  It is just a 5/16" male flare to a 1/4" NPT.  If I had ordered it when I ordered everything else all would be well.  The manual even says "or use an adapter, sold separately".

I was unable to source one at a BORG, ACE, Auto parts, etc.  Even the local HVAC place, although readily familiar with what I wanted and why, had none in stock :(

Another problem is getting what the label says something is.  I had this problem with bearings from China; right part number, right data sheet, wrong dimensions(???)  The adapter should be here Thursday.

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