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I decided to get new bearings when I install my shelix head.  No clue about bearings including brands.  The place I got it from suggested Timken or Nachi.  I called a few places locally and they have the Timkens for around $40 a piece. ouch.  I checked online for similar sizes but different brands and found much cheaper options but I'm guessing inferior brand.  Not really sure as I don't know any of the brands names.  They also don't have the Timkens in stock would take a week.  One guy said he could get a SKF the next day and said they were just as good.  Anyone have any insight on this and if it's worth the extra expense to go with higher end but much more expensive brand.  Thanks

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Timken, SKF, or NSK is where I'd go. I've heard recently from machinist types that Timken quality has dropped off a bit in the last few years. If you find a bearing that is made in Japan vs China go the Japan route.

a $40 bearing isn't bad, how long is it goign to take to change it? How often do you want to do that work? A few extra dollars and a bit of wait for a bearing that is quality is wroth it. If you can get SKF quickly I'd go that route.

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