Lifting heavy tools with a farm jack?


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So my table saw will be delivered in a few days on a pallet and weights 480 lbs. The package will be 48" x 40" x 77". I will need to move the saw from the pallet to the mobile base by myself using whatever I have lying around. In this case, I have a farm jack and straps plus a few 2 x 4 lumbers. I wonder if it is possible and safe to lift the saw up in a similar to the clip below.  My build is quite small and it is difficult to ask for extra hands. I am hesitant to buy a harbor freight shop crane just for this one time. (

How do you guys lift heavy tools in your shop?


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You don't say what type of saw it, is but from weight it sounds like a cabinet saw.  If so, you can take it apart.  Remove the top, and if necessary remove the motor.  At that point the base is manageable for one person.  This is how did mine by myself.  You are going to have to do a certain amount a assembly anyway so might as well make it as painless as possible.   If you want to use an engine hoist, just rent one.  But it is going to be awkward trying to attached straps to the saw because there are not any easy places to attach the straps.  I have used handy man jacks for along time, and carry one in my truck.  But I can't think of an easy, non damaging way to lift a table saw with one.

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In the past I have used a 4 to 1 block and tackle attached to the joists/rafters to lift heavy machines for brief periods.  I have since been advised by an engineer that this practice is ill advised as the building structure is not designed for that kind of load.  So I think your best bet is partial disassembly as Just Bob suggested.  Also don't underestimate the power and utility of simple levers.  Since the saw is being deliver into your garage it will be safe under roof, so you can take a day or two to solve the problem once you can actually put your hands on it.  

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