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Popular Posts I am not sure this is worthy of a Project Journal, but I have decided to try the WW kitchen helper for my first project and add a thread.  If there is a better location to post this thread ple

It’s not done yet, but today I was able to get the small side project I was talked into doing with the kitchen helper assembled. It is a small bench one of the kids talked me into that they found plan

Finally got the kitchen helper all done and off for delivery today to my niece. I did three coats of the tried and true danish oil and burnished it with 0000 steel wool in between each coat and after

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3 hours ago, Chestnut said:

The project turned out great! Good work.

Thanks!  It was really fun and I enjoyed the project. Really I just need to start building more as I get too hung up on it will not turn out right or parts of a build are too hard. Usually once you get going things turn out ok or you just have to redo a part here or there and it seems to finish out ok. There is always room to improve but that’s why you have to keep trying. I will have to start another post once I jump into the next project. 

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Yikes - does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of chips from planner and jointer?  I am starting my next project and have created massive amounts of chips. They don’t really seem to burn that well and was not sure if I am just stuck with putting the in the trash slowly. Too much at once and will get in trouble with the boss ;-) 


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I have a wooded area and often spread them on the ground to help keep weeds down. I just throw mine when i have no use for them. It's more effort than it's worth to try and find a home for 35 gallons of dust a week.

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