Bandsaw Blades for Thin Plywood

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Hello all!

I'm a total newbie here. I'm new to working with Bandsaws, and have a simple question (hopefully).

I am currently working on a few different projects that requires many many small pieces of wood (1/4"T x 6.75"L x 1/2"W)

I am using 1/4" Sandeply Plywood as it is cheap and perfect for what I am using it for. However, my current bandsaw blade is rather low on the TPI scale (6TPI) and is causing a TON of tearout.

I am just wondering what is the preferred blade to have little to no tearout on this super thin soft plywood. Also, do I need a regular tooth, skip tooth, or what?

I am using a simple Ryobi 9" 2.5amp Band Saw. Nothing fancy.

Any advice, help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Like I said, I'm a total newbie so don't judge me for not knowing the answer to this silly question! haha

Thank you all in advance for the suggestion and help!

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No expert here but I would think a blade with more teeth will result in a better (but slower) cut.  With thin stock I find having a zctp (zero clearance throat plate) important    If you don’t have one you can run a piece of scrap half way through and then clamp it down. 

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Welcome! Actually 6TPI is not all that low mine are mostly 3 or 4 TPI. I would suggest using blue tape, sometimes when using a BS on plywood with thin veneers, regardless of TPI, you will see tear out.

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@jussi is correct. For thin material, a higher tooth count will provide a smoother cut. Thicker stock needs larger gullets (the gap between teeth) to carry the waste through the cut. Skip tooth designs also help with agressive cuts in thicker stock. For thin plywood, a regular tooth geometry will be smoother. Also, 'hook tooth' styles tend to take deeper bites into the wood. Cuts faster, but rougher. Sounds like slower & smoother is what you want, so avoid anything with 'hook' in the description.

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Thank you all very much for the advice! I will shoot for a higher TPI, and get a zero clearance throat set up. I will put the stock through slower, and even try the tape option. I will also stay away from any "Hook" blades and stick to the standard. Hopefully I will get the desired results with this! Thank you so much!

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