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With a table with a top similar to this, with minimal spacing between the boards, will using the middle setting on the tenon width of the Domino and not gluing where they attach to the outside frame, allow enough for expansion. These will be under a patio cover. NT?aff=6443&aff=6443&&gclid=CjwKCAjw9r-DBhBxEiwA9qYUpeXyZFtpbA3t3n9QwqNI5ag09FIc91MSsugyz-HDqMnMkZ4Uh69-mhoC6MkQAvD_BwE

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As long as the "slats" are not fastened together by any other means, they will expand/contract individually a tiny amount and the gaps shown should be more than adequate to accommodate this. if you use two dominoes at the end of each slat, I'm not sure if glue creep will be adequate to take up seasonal movement or not. You might consider gluing one and leaving the other to "float". If you use just one domino per slat end, gluing should be fine. With boards that narrow, we are talking about a very small amount of movement.

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To be on the safe side, I pre-glued the domino tenons into the end of the frame using the tight setting. After the glue was dry, I attached the slats to the tenons using the medium setting and glued the frame together with half lap joints. After this dried, I doweled the slats with one dowel each end in the center, from underneath. No slop and allows for any movement. 

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