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You claim to have a full time job but you keep pumping these projects out:D! I hope you are doing one bathroom at a time for obvious reasons? Following this to the end. 

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Been slowly chugging away on the cabinets. I got all the drawers installed for the laundry room cabinet and main bathroom cabinet. I then installed the main carcas into the room as i have granite measuring in a week and needed them installed for the crew to measure.


I added a touch of sapwood on the side panel of the main bath just beucase the peices fit together well and I for what ever reason liked how it looked.


Laundry room is going to turn out awesome. Having the extra 24" of floor space next to the cabinet is already proving useful. I'm excited to have the sink up and running as it will be my utility sink as the only large sink we have in the house currently is the kitchen sink, and that sucks.



Down stairs bathroom. Now you can see how the side panel turned out. I had a very wide stile on the right side but most of it gets covered up by the wall. Now it looks nice and balanced. I also did a narrow left stile so after the face frame was installed the stiles are roughly the same width.


This vanity will get drawers that are notched to go around the plumbing.


The doors and notched drawers on the 2nd item on my list of things to do. Next item is to make the carcass for the master bedroom which will be the same notched drawer design as the basement bedroom above. We held off on paint so we could get an idea of what the granite would look like in place, probably going to regret that.

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1 hour ago, pkinneb said:

Cabinets look great Drew!! Interesting paint job in the bathroom :P

I was thinking the same thing about the cabinets but  Was going to say its to bad you couldn't get the painting done before having to install the cabinets for the granite guys. 

I think a lot of people are too quick at removing sapwood when in reality in can be a nice focal point in a project. 

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42 minutes ago, Chet said:

Was going to say its to bad you couldn't get the painting done before having to install the cabinets for the granite guys. 

Megan wants to pick a color from the granite for the walls, beings that the slabs we looked at are highly variable and the sink cutouts are a significant portion we are left unsure what the exact colors are going to be. I do all the edging so I offered to wait. So i'm really only punishing myself. We are also going to do a small row of tile so that should make things a bit easier on the top side at least.

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