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I spent a day with the Clearing Saw, and my snake-proof boots, last Fall, cutting down all the various saplings that had grown up in them.

I'll try to think to take a picture, in a day or two, when all the red ones finish opening.

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Here's a couple of more pictures.  One is looking back from the house at those on the right side in the first picture.  Pam's garden is kind of hidden behind those.  The Pin Oak to the right is larger than it looks in that picture.  It, and a few others, completely put the house in shade after the leaves come out.

The other picture is the path going to the barn.  That White Oak is the one I was talking about planting with an excavator.  I had a guy working with a 320 cat.  I had him scoop out a hole, and scoop up a little White Oak, maybe 4" in diameter.  We didn't get it exactly vertical.  I thought it would straighten up as it grew.  It's straight, but still leaning the same.

The Evergreen tree to the left is some sort of Japanese tree. It was supposed to only get 15 feet tall, but is at least 25 feet.  One of the hurricanes tore it up some, breaking limbs, but it's filling back out.

We had never even heard of any that keep blooms all year, until just the past few years.   These were planted Summer of 1979.





IMG_3163 (3).JPG

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