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Bought a new areator bilge and it's different from original. Black pipe vs pvc. The black pbpvc nit will fit the pvc but loosely. The OD on the black pipe is just larger. Where would I locate another nut for the black pipe?






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Bass pro has had a lot of empty shelves. Called today and employee said the shelves are bare and not much coming in  to refill. 


I would say it's a bad year to buy a fixer upper as many are doing repairs with the extra money..

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BJ, if you need a bilge pump for a John boat, you are in too rough of water or you have a leak somewhere, experience be said. Take care bud and safe fishing. 

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It's not a jon boat it's a Lowe line Utility boat. It has a removable plug and a built in factory  livewell.  Considering the boat is 1977, 44 years old. Bease the plug wasnt put in before entering the water a bilge pump cleared the boat of water till he got it in. 

We had the boat in for 5-6 hours and the bilge didn't come on. So far so good..


Insurance was $100 a year for 25k and I have tow insurance in the same policy. I break down on the water , they send someone to get me.

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I'm  happy. I have $300 in the boat. $150 in tires. I'll have another $1000 in wiring upgrades, batteries, stereo, etc. I may change the seats out and some rod holders. 


Right now the aerator is filling the livewell faster than it can release the water. I have to figure out what to do. I may have to buy a slower aerator or restrict this on. 

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