What is a “dealy wrecker”?

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Hi there.

I know this is kind of off topic, but it is driving me nuts. I have been listening to woodtalk online quite a while now and started to listen to the old episodes as well. 

Marc used to say something like “dealy wrecker” or “deali wracker” all the timee back then. 

I have never heard of this phrase. Is this something people used to call a good deal back in the early 2000s ?

What do you say?



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It’s kind of like a thingamajig mixed with a whatchamacallit.

A general phrase for an item you can’t remember the name of.

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2 minutes ago, MattKr said:

Thanks @JohnG. I guess that makes sense. However google doesn’t know it. 

@CoopTwo different things?

If this is a joke, I don’t get it. I know that I asked an odd question, but I really want to know what it means

Decades ago when I was a kid, parents would call our penis a talley whacker. Never knew why but they just did. 

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