Board game table jointery help

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I want to build a table like this. I have some almost 2 inch thick oak to use as the arm rest around the perimeter of the table. My question is what is the best and most secure way to attach these 4 perimeter pieces while also accounting for wood movement. Should I just do a butt joint with dowels as I have a great doweling jig? Should I do a mitered joint and just glue the two together? A miter with a spline? Or should I do a mortise and tenon with a dowel to allow for movement? Any advise is appreciated.




There is link to image 

Table Image.jpg

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The rails don't look all that wide maybe 4"-5". You could do all of your methods and be ok. Bridle joint is another possibility and is the one that is used on the wood whisperer guild project. If you are looking to build this table that project could be well worth your money.

I'd probably go splined miter if i was building the table. Wide miters can be difficult to get to close evenly as 45 degree angles can be tricky. If you are confidant on nailing the miters a M&T butt joint would be my 2nd go to. Dowels would also work.

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