Expansion and Contraction of a Dining Table Base

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I'm looking for some input on a table base I am working on. It's the shape of a racetrack and I glued about 100 1" wide by 1 1/8" thick walnut slats together to form the racetrack shape (see picture) that is open in the middle. My question is whether I should be worried about expansion and contraction issues for the base itself? Also, would an internal frame restrict its movement too much? I need to figure out a good way to attach the top to the base that will still allow the top to move, so some sort of frame is necessary. Any advice would be helpful.


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What will the base be made of?

Will this be outdoors? 

When you say attach the top to the base, the top being the 100 piece structure in the pic, correct? 

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If your slatted oval is the base, I think I would build a simple structure to fit loosely inside it and support the top. If the top isn't attached directly to that unusual base, there is no need to worry about movement between tge two. The hidden support structure can be a more traditional set of legs & aprons, or a trestle. Use standard table top attachment methods.

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Just realized op said “table” as I was wondering what this was going to be. I visualize 3 pieces, the bottom, the piece you show ( mid section) and a top.

For the bottom, I would use a quality 3/4 ply and cut it to the size of the od of the mid section. Cut a rabbet into the bottom outside edge for the mid section to fit into and band the exposed edge of the ply. Invert it and attach the ply bottom in several locations to the mid section pieces. You didn’t mention what the top will be made of. 

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