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I have oak that's riddled with holes from bugs. I need to fill them.. I plan to stain the project a dark color...I've seen stuff where people mix Sandi g dust with glue but if I o this it probably won't stain...I wondered...could I get sawdust and mix it with my stain and let that dry...then mix that with glue and fill the hole? I also considered clear epoxy after staining but the stuff I have isn't runny enough to get it in the holes .....I've tried before...

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How large are the holes? Sanding dust and CA glue works well for smaller holes or cracks. Colored epoxy or and epoxy + sanding dust paste is good for larger fills.

I would not try to stain the dust, it won't adhere well to the glue. In my experience, using dust from the same species of wood will generally allow it to color very close to the solid wood. The key is to use mostly dust, with just enough glue to form a dough-like consistency. 

If the fill is so large that this method stands out, you probably need to consider a solid wood plug to fill the hole.

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Here lately I have the same problem with holes / recently was given a black cherry log and upon milling had thousands of holes / LOL. I have been using CA glue with a variety of items to color and fill. I think I will try the shellac as I just made some 1 ib cut. I make mostly segmented bowls and getting high grade wood is financially out of the question. I have had no luck with the fillers. best of luck with this and will be watching to see if anyone has a solution or better method.

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