Memento Display Shelf

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The legs need some refinement. I wanted a bead on the corner, but have no beading bit. Time to improvise. First, a 1/8 radius round over.


Here's a "pro tip". Don't panic about gappy miters until you refine the corner. Rounding took this:


To this.


Now that the corners were round, I took a 90* V bit, set it about 3/32 deep, and used a steel rule and gauge block to set 3/16 from the fence.


A pass around each side of the corners, and viola, beads.


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On 9/11/2021 at 7:50 PM, wtnhighlander said:

Here's a "pro tip". Don't panic about gappy miters until you refine the corner.

Lots of things can be made to look perfect with small round over or chamfer.

Thats a cool bead technique.

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On 9/17/2021 at 8:02 PM, Chet said:

 . .  good time for a auxiliary tall fence.


I have one that clamps to the table.  Not great for adjustability but, gets the job done.


With your style fence, one that clamps on could be used.


Just having a bit more surface gives more confidence in the operation.

All that noise aside . . . I'm lovin' this journal.  Very cool approach on the legs (dado becomes tenons).

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Beading on the bottom shelf wasn't as clear cut as the legs. Rather than try to set the V bit up in my table again, I put it in my trim router and took another pass. I also radiused the corners, just using a hand-held belt sander. Not being comfy with routing around those corners on edge, I use hand tools to carry the bead around.



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Recall that the bench includes a "valet tray" for keys, wallet, etc... Still pondering the tray support structure, and I need the tray to help visualize. So, guess what's next?


I have this rough blank of cherry. The tray will be oval, and rather like a shallow bowl.


Taking a page from the bandsaw box maker's book, I cut the blank apart, so I can shift sections and re-glue, to gain depth.


That's all for now. Maybe more tomorrow!

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On 9/18/2021 at 7:53 PM, wtnhighlander said:


The face side of the beads is a different matter. If I had thought about order of operations, I would have rounded the corners first. But I rushed, didn't think, snd made a boo-boo.


Time for CA and sawdust!


After a little carving of the groove, it isn't so bad. The color going on this piece should hide that pretty well.


Moving along, I started cutting to "cock-beaDing" that goes around the legs.


I put a 45* block on a bench hook to help, but these thin pieces were pretty simple to cut.


Since my marking knife won't fit in that groove, I use the marking pin stored in my combo square to punch a mark for the inside of the miter, then take it out of the groove and mark witb a knife.


A sharp pull saw can really take a fine cut!


So, here is the cock-beading in place. No glue yet, so the tape helps to avoid losing any small bits.

Here is what the lower shelf looks like with legs attached.


Details such as these are what makes a good woodworker stand out! Well done. 

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