Need Better Drill Bit

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I use 6" long 1/8" drill bits often.  I have been buying bits from True Value, but have been disappointed that these bits are frequently bowed.  I just opened 3 brand new bits and they're all bowed at least a couple of mm.   I need a better resource.  Any suggestions?

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So when in doubt consult McMaster Carr.

By deduction I learned a lot.  I need to drill holes as deep as 4 or 5 inches.  Apparently to do that you need more than just a long drill bit (e.g. True Value), but one that is both long and has extended flutes.  

So McC is offering two bits, one uncoated HSS for $11+ and the other cobalt steel for $23+.  Either way pretty "ouch" for a drill bit (and I don't know if the shafts are true which is the issue), but is the cobalt steel worth it?  These bits are intended for drilling various metals;  I'm drilling wood.

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