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It's a nice unit. Got it a few weeks ago. But as I do so often the excitement of a nice piece of hardware distracted me from investigating parts availability.

Looking for three things. (1) It only has one of the three fence rods. Would like to get the other two. (2) The easiest thing will probably be one of those indexing locking knobs for locking the depth limit rod in place. It currently has a hex head bolt in that position.  (3) A 5-inch gas spring. For this I'm going to check out some alternative automotive & other supply sources.

Any thoughts?

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13 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

I don't know about the fence rods, but gas springs are all over Amazon.

I found Grizzly has the parts. And the gas springs look to be no more than on Amazon. Plus, one shipping source cuts costs. Tx.

Plus, I couldn't tell if those 5.xx" that extend to 7.xx" were really the right specs.

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