Staining table legs

Larry Moore

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Let me be clear right from the start I hate staining. I have avoided staining projects because I have problems sanding through the top coat on the edges.

But lately I have been getting more requests to stain. What steps do you guys do to sand the top coat without sanding through it?

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I sometimes use steel wool or a green 3m abrasive pad. When i sand finish it's very quick like 1-2 swipes tops just to remove any dust nibs.

If i use sand paper i try and use as high of grit i can find so typically 400. I usually sand by hand. I only use a power sander if I'm working with sprayed water borne finishes that I've sprayed at least 2-3 coats. This is also only when I'm trying to pore fill a porous wood like oak or hickory.

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